Testes de integração SugarCRM 6.x com IPBrick 5.2

November 16th, 2010 ntavares Posted in pt_PT, sugarcrm | No Comments »

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Conforme previmos há um ano atrás, a integração IPBrick mantém-se operacional nas novas versões de SugarCRM. A versão testada foi SugarCRM 6.0.3 com IPBrick 5.2 e, apesar de não ter sido emitido pacote “oficial” (pelo menos ainda), confirmamos que esta integração mantém-se totalmente operacional.

Neste teste de menos de uma hora bastou:

  • Fazer download do SugarCRM 6.0.3
  • Seguir o Wizard de instalação do SugarCRM
  • Copiar o módulo de integração para a distribuição de SugarCRM
  • Carregar o script de post install
  • Executar Repair templates
  • Aceder ao painel de administração e executar a sincronização

Em poucos minutos foi possível validar os três testes de QA (lembramos que existem 3 modos possíveis de tratamento da importação).

Não hesite em nos contactar se pretender ajuda no processo de actualização.

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Quick update on KTEmailPush KnowledgeTree Plugin

November 7th, 2010 ntavares Posted in dri, en_US, knowledgetree, projects | No Comments »

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Over the last weeks the KnowledgeTree Email Gateway Plugin received some attention:

  • It’s now fully configurable through the administration pages, without the need to edit at config.inc.php;
  • It was also adapted to ease the process of customizing the logic behind destination folder determination — it’s now possible to merge a bit of code that will determine where to put each incoming attachment, based on its parameters (subject, sender, etc.)
  • Fully customized mail notifications using Smarty templates, which minimizes the risk of accidentally mixing up the code.

These are, of course, the most proeminent changes. These changes triggered, however, some feature requests to Knowledge Tree team. Their actually simple fixes which I don’t know why never got in, since everything is in place already:

  • KTS-4678 — To allow custom fields on configuration mechanism;
  • KTS-4679 — To allow configuration settings registration without the need to run SQL;
  • KTS-4680 — To allow custom templating to override the original KT’s.

Here are some screenshots. Here is the new administration section…

… the new Task Fetch Mail in the the Task Scheduler (where you can enable/disable, control frequency, etc)….

… and the configuration options, as you used to have in the config.php file:

Do mail me if you want to see a demo.

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KnowledgeTree Folder Special Plugin released

November 7th, 2010 ntavares Posted in en_US, knowledgetree, projects | 2 Comments »

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We are proud to announce the release fo the Folder Special Plugin v1.0. This plugins extends the Folder objects providing Description and descriptive Image support for each folder. It can also be a starting point for extending current Folder class implementation, thus allowing you to extend folders with any specific information.

This is a feature that not only answers to KTS-798 feature request but also allows folders to be extended on any number of fields and, better yet, there’s no code patching. It’s fully plug&play.

It will add special folder actions and permissions, so you can replace your “old” addFolder and rename_folder permissions for these new two to completely “hide” the old mechanism.

This plugins also supports an extra field (folder intro) to receive introductory texts for each folder, so when you’re browsing that folder, you can see it before (or after) the folder/document listing — however, due to KT limitation, you’ll have to apply a simple patch to the core templating engine.

Here is a screenshot (no folder intro):

(Folder images from Wikimedia commons; click image to view full size)
Also note the link to the KT Email Gateway Plugin in the ‘pending’ folder description.


  • Get the release file from KT Forge FolderSpecialPlugin File Releases and unpack it inside the ‘plugins’ folder in your KT installation;
  • Go to “administration » miscellaneous » plugins” and re-read plugins. Activate Folder Special Plugin;
  • Go to a folder and edit permissions. Check the two new ones, save, and return to the folder view;
  • You can now see there new actions for that folder: add special folder and change folder details.

The rest should be self-explanatory.


  • I think the deployment on large systems might become complex because of existing permissions. It currently misses a way of mimic’ing all the current addFolder/rename_folder permissions to these new ones; since they are compatible, I think that’s the way to go. The plugin is already prepared for it.
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HP G62

October 4th, 2010 ntavares Posted in en_US, hardware, linux driver, ubuntu | No Comments »

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Some weeks ago I bought this very cool notebook, HP G62. I was quite impressed by its features, when compared with its price. I decided to go for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), as I did for the Aspire D250, and got surprised the sound didn’t work out of the box. Everything else did, as it’s quite usual with Ubuntu - thanks to everyone involved in it - and a quick search was kind of scary.

Obviously I looked in the wrong places, and the solution is pretty easy, which I only now had time to fix. This sound card is reported as Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05) and its required modules have been moved to a separate package. To get support for it is just a matter of:

apt-get install linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.32-23-generic

In fact, I really love this laptop. The only thing I dislike, well, *hate* is the keyboard. Someone at HP Labs wasn’t very smart, since they added a left column of (unusefull) “multimedia” keys right next to the standard layout. So, while you’re not used to it (which happens a lot when you switch between multiple computers all the time), you keep launching the calculator, printer spooler or even the e-mail client, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, it seems HP made everything so well that they couldn’t sell perfection so cheap. It’s obvious the layout designer doesn’t use a keyboard at all :-)

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Berlin Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010 a.k.a. [well actually...] VulcanoCon and Porto Wikipedia Academy 2010

August 14th, 2010 ntavares Posted in en_US, wikipedia | No Comments »

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Berlin, Germany - Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010

These have been busy days! At the same time the first Portuguese Wikipedia Academy was running I was supposed to be in Berlin to the 2010 Wikimedia Chapters Meeting. I actually got there, indeed, but we were in the air when the massive ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier/vulcano spread above Central Europe, and we got stuck as soon as we landed in Frankfurt. But I won’t regret catching a 10h train to Berlin, arriving in the morning, except for missing the whole morning at the Meeting. The fellow mates around the world are just awesome people, and doing a great job, and they have just shown how excellent fellows they are to work with.

Here is the wrapup photo we took in the end (after 20min trying to position ourselfs according to the Mapa Mundi and.. well.. having given up :)):


Picking a train to Portugal was very risky as the French saw an excellent opportunity to put up a strike (I was told some frieds took 3 days from Netherlands to Portugal, so I’m glad we considered the odds)! While stranded, along with a lot of (mainly) intercontinental fellows, we spent the days getting to know Berlin and the famous Bratwurst. I won’t definitelly forget the trio I had near Charlottenburg, yummm.. :P

Wikimedia Deutchland has proven to be an excellent hoster for such an event. Everything we handled smoothly, Don and Anjia were also great facilitators, being careful enough to document in detail each session.

A special remark to the strange title of this post, I think no one will forget the good laughs we gave around some expressions… like VulcanoCon… hrm hrm :)

Hugs to everyone I met, I hope you arrived safely (AFAIK, you *did* arrived…). Hope to see you all next year, or maybe at Wikimania.

Porto, Portugal - Wikipedia Academy

As we already confirmed in person in the last WMP General Assembly (GA), the First Wikipedia Academy was definitely a success. The media push was spectacular and, of course, it had to give some results. We got an increase of associates right there on the GA, with more people willing to help on the tasks. I thank all the participants all the input, it was really great, and I would also like to thank the opportunity of exposing everything we learned at the Chapters Conferece (above). We also discussed the plan for the upcoming year, now, more than ever, targetting specific goals from the list of ideas we have been summing up - I’ll be participating in a specific GLAM project (more on this later), I’ll be the IT lead, I’ll try to help Gil on a joint Communication project targetting Transportation companies, and I’ll be trying to push forward a possible UMIC partnership (more on this later).

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Estes fins de semana

April 10th, 2010 ntavares Posted in dri, lazer, pt_PT, web | No Comments »

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Nota: Este post foi resgatado dos Drafts e é de 30-12-2009…

Este Natal tive tempo de fazer um catchup das notícias (aliás, já devem ter reparado eheh). Esta minha demora em escrever fica pautada por uma presença em Luanda, Angola, e por uns pesadíssimos comprimidos que tive que tomar (e tolerar!! mal ou bem..). Na foto abaixo deixo uma paisagem imensa, algures a meio da viagem, que se estendia para além da curva do horizonte, que foi a primeira sensação dual provocada por África: tão grande e tão… deserto.


Tive tempo também para um cinema: andava a criticar o facto da oferta não ser nada por aí além, mas fui ver o Avatar, versão em 3D, e…. bem… ainda estou a processar. Neste momento é o meu filme preferido, o que cataloga James Cameron como o melhor realizador, desta vez sem dúvida nenhuma!

Cruzei-me com o Mr. Stanley Jordan a interpretar Stairways to Heaven no pian… perdão, na guitarra! O melhor é mesmo ver :)

E agora umas mais antiguitas, que tinha para aqui guardadas.

Andava farto de ter que lançar 3 ou 4 ferramentas para fazer desenhos para a malta, e dei de caras com estas duas aplicações que talvez venham a simplificar-me/nos a vida: O Gliffy, que já parece integrar com o MediaWiki, e o yUML, que também integra. O caminho há-de ser algures por aí - ou então usar o Google Presentation?

Já uma vez me tinha questionado sobre a complexidade da nossa voz face à simplicidade de um tom/nota acústica, mas nada como isto: estes senhores conseguiram reproduzir voz usando um piano! Bom, e mais qualquer coisinha, é certo…

Noutra frente, e depois de já ter gasto alguns minutos (juro!) a reviver Quake Live, cruzei-me acidentalmente (juro, juro!) com um clássico que merece a atenção, especialmente por ser todo em DHTML/Javscript: o viciante Lemmings!

De volta aos sistemas, andei a experimentar o netconsole. Isto é giro, mas como não deu para usar o logger para escrever para o ring buffer (dmesg), tive que experimentar com um módulo de kernel dummy - e só subindo o nível, com KERN_ERR…!

As férias foram tão grandes que voltei a explorar alguns chapéus coloridos: dei de caras com o fwknop para port knocking, andei a fazer experiências com o ettercap, e li uns artigos giros onde sempre se aprendem mais uns programitas, como no artigo 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know.

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Academia Wikipédia: está quase!

April 10th, 2010 ntavares Posted in dri, pt_PT, wikipedia | No Comments »

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O evento resulta de uma parceria entre a Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto e a Associação Wikimédia Portugal, contando com o apoio da EXPONOR e da DRI.

O objectivo é sensibilizar e promover o uso da Wikipédia. O seminário decorrerá, entre as 9h30 e as 18 horas do dia 16 de Abril, na QUALIFICA e terá ligação por videoconferência à 2010 Wikimedia Conference, que decorrerá em Berlim, e onde estarei com a Susana a contribuir com a experiência portuguesa e, simultaneamente, a fazer as entrevistas.

Para além da palestra de Kul Takanao Wadhwa, Head of Business Development da Wikimedia Foundation, haverá espaço para o debate de temas como a qualidade e a fiabilidade da Wikipédia, o uso da Wikipédia nas aulas, a Wikipédia como instrumento de protecção e promoção de línguas minoritárias, a Wikipédia na investigação e ainda informação detalhada sobre edição de conteúdos, licenciamento e ligações a projectos. A sessão está aberta ao público em geral, desde estudantes, professores, investigadores e outros especialistas do meio académico.

A participação na Academia Wikipédia é gratuita, mas com inscrição obrigatória. Poderá fazer a sua inscrição online aqui:

Se és dos que vão à Wikipédia antes de fazer um trabalho, ou enquanto pesquisas profissionalmente, então este evento tem entrada livre, realiza-se a 16 de Abril, na Exponor, e parece ideal para ti!

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Academia Wikipédia: Call for Papers

February 25th, 2010 ntavares Posted in pt_PT, wikipedia | No Comments »

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Está aberta a Chamada a Oradores para o primeiro evento organizado pela Associação Wikimedia Portugal (WMP)!

A Wikimedia Portugal, em conjunto com a Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), está a organizar o primeiro Workshop em Portugal intitulado “Academia Wikipédia” no Porto/Exponor, a realizar em simultâneo com a “Qualifica”- Feira de educação, formação, juventude e emprego, no dia 16 de Abril.

Aqui está um pequeno descritivo da Academia:
Academia Wikipédia

As apresentações deverão ser em português, sempre que possível, e devem demorar entre 20min a 30min, com alguns minutos para perguntas e respostas. Se houver necessidade de estender este tempo penso que não será impossível.

Sou eu que estou a organizar o programa, e estou a criar uma maquete aqui: Programa da Academia Wikipédia. Enviem temas que gostavam de ver abordados, se os apresentados (a título de exemplo) não vos puxa para falar. Entrem em contacto comigo, ou usem a página de contactos da WMP.

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Update on KTEmailPush KnowledgeTree Plugin

February 17th, 2010 ntavares Posted in en_US, knowledgetree | No Comments »

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I took the time to make some improvements to KTEmailPush KnowledgeTree Plugin. It’s now a real KT Plugin (instead of external script) with its own scheduler task. Version 1.0 publishes the plugin as a KT pluggable plugin, with its scheduler’s own task. Only configuration is still file-based only. It should be a matter of 4 or 5 steps to get it up and running in your system.


  • Upload to specific folder, to user’s group/unit folder, to user’s Dropped Documents folder or you may use an external script to determine where the file should be uploaded to;
  • Upload message body as document, optionally setting links between body and attachments;
  • Restrict emails based on sender or recipient;
  • Attachments can be uniquely distinguished, or be uploaded as new revisions of same document (based on filename);
  • Multiple notifications can be sent: message without attachment detection (and removal), discarded non-existing KT user originated mail, sender notification of new documents (can be complemented with Workflow notifications for notifying recipients), notify sender of uploaded documents, notify system admininstration;
  • Full debugging support and exclusive lock to avoid multiple runs;

The default behaviour is to upload to a specific folder, based on the address found in ‘From:’, which should be an unique email bound to an username.

It can be complemented with KT Workflows to fire notifications.

Also, there are lots of options (in config.inc.php) to decide what exactly the plugin should do with attachments, debugging, etc.


  • You should create the following mail addresses to receive the documents, which should match $mail_username, $mail_cc and $mail_admin in config.inc.php: kt_queue@domain.com, kt_copy@domain.com, kt_admin@domain.com;
  • Unpack the source (or SVN checkout) to the directory ‘plugins’
      svn checkout https://svn.forge.dri.pt/svn/kt-emailpush/trunk kt-emailpush

    Note that kt_copy should maintain an endless growing copy of all email sent (which should be maintained by YOU, since it’s untouched), and that kt_admin is the admin’s destination address for notifications.

  • Adjust the values in the config.inc.php script.
  • Go to “Administration > Miscellaneous > Manage plugins” and reread plugins. The refreshed listing should now show “KT EmailPush Plugin”. Activate it and click on the “Update” button.
  • Visit “Administration > Miscellaneous > Manage Task Scheduler” to ensure the “Fetch Mail” tasks is installed and active and it’s running with the desired frequency.
  • Be sure to have your KT cron running.


The file specified in config $lockfile will prevent running concurrent copies. Eventually you can use this mutex facility to auto-unlock if you need to perform some kind of maintenance.

→ Find out more at KT’s Wiki: http://wiki.knowledgetree.com/Email_Gateway_Plugin.

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Acer Aspire One D250

January 29th, 2010 ntavares Posted in en_US, hardware, linux driver | No Comments »

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I did it. I went to FNAC and bought it. I really did it :)

I just got this new Acer Aspire One (D250).

I’ve installed UNetbootin on my Fedora and downloaded an Ubuntu 9.10 image. After deploying the image to a 2GB USB stick, and booting the netbook, it just went on booting without any trouble at all. That’s what I like in Ubuntu, and that’s what I need for this laptop. After booting, just went through the installer and, after a couple of questions, all was ready: Wi-fi, Ethernet, Microphone, Webcam, everything worked out-of-the-box. Even the Wifi led is working, against all odds :)

I went through a shared installation to keep things simple. I still have to investigate this further, but awesome as well is the fact the Ubuntu installer respected both Android and Windows 7. Both are still bootable, the first being booted without option (I think it’s my fault when I was asked how I’d like it to boot), then GRUB, and from there I can go wherever: Ubuntu or Windows 7.

Windows 7, as usual, didn’t seem prepared to partition adjustments. After first boot it started a filecheck (still the good’old CHKDSK, just imagine :)… after rebooting again, it was ready to stay. Luck for it that handled it afterall, as its days of existence here are probably limited.

So, this page is needing an update. Pending testing is now the card reader and the webcam. After that, I should update the page.

In the meantime, between reboots, I just found my newest addiction (on the phone, so far) online as well: Tower Bloxx :)

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