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Running projects


  • Email Gateway Plugin — this is a fully pluggable KT plugin which will poll an email account and upload attachments to KT according to specified rules. It’s running in production since KT 3.5.x and, as such, is supported on multiple versions. Some of the features are:
    • Upload to specific folder, to user’s group/unit folder, to user’s Dropped Documents folder or you may use an external script to determine where the file should be uploaded to;
    • Upload message body as document, optionally setting links between body and attachments;
    • Restrict emails based on sender or recipient;
    • Attachments can be uniquely distinguished, or be uploaded as new revisions of same document (based on filename);
    • Multiple notifications can be sent: message without attachment detection (and removal), discarded non-existing KT user originated mail, sender notification of new documents (can be complemented with Workflow notifications for notifying recipients), notify sender of uploaded documents, notify system admininstration;
    • Full debugging support and exclusive lock to avoid multiple runs;
    • Fully configurable using administration pages;

    Check the project’s category for news on this plugin.

  • Special Folder Plugin — this is a simple but fully pluggable plugin that will allow you to specify descriptions and images for your folders. It will add special folder actions and permissions, so you can replace your “old” addFolder and rename_folder permissions for these new two to completely “hide” the old mechanism.
    Running in production with KT 3.7.x, although it was developed for KT 3.6.x.

    Check the project’s category for news on this plugin.

  • GotoCustomNumberPlugin — if you’re using the Custom Numbering Plugin, which is available in the Professional version, you might find useful to jump directly to the document by looking up the Custom Number of the document, pretty much like you do with the Goto Document ID dashlet, which uses the (internal and unmeaningful) document ID. A practical use of this plugin has been to use it with barcode scanners on physical archives. Ready for 3.7.x.

    Check the project’s category for news on this plugin.

  • Workflow Export/Import — This is an important feature that’s missing in KnowledgeTree, which is particularly useful if you have different systems, like one for prototyping and validation and the live one. This plugin will allow you to export your Workflows in a number of formats. So far, these are supported: Graphviz data, Graphfiz image, JSON and Simple XML. As soon as there is particular interest in BPMN, I’m willing to support it as well, but it hasn’t been needed, yet.

    Special care will be taken in the future, as its focusing only States and Transitions as of yet, regarding:

    • Assigned and related permissions
    • Assigned and related users,groups and roles
    • Workflow Effects

    Check the project’s category for news on this plugin.


  • SugarCRM IPBrick Integration Module — This module will allow a SugarCRM installation on IPBrick to integrate concepts like users (from IPBrick’s LDAP) and to synchronize contacts and accounts from IP Contacts. Newer versions highlight synchronization speed and flexible decision modes about conflicting statuses.

    Check the projects tag for news on this plugin.

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