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Today I gave a look at greygraph, a mailgraph-based tool for displaying sqlgrey graphs.

Here are the adaptations to run it in CentOS. Have a look at the README inside the distribution, anyway, After unpacking the distribution tarball:

  1. mkdir -p /var/cache/greygraph
  2. chgrp apache /var/cache/greygraph/
  3. chmod g+w /var/cache/greygraph/

Review etc/default/greygraph and copy it to /etc/sysconfig/greygraph:

  1. mv etc/default/greygraph  /etc/sysconfig/greygraph

Place files and directories directories:

  1. mkdir -p /usr/share/greygraph
  2. mv usr/lib/cgi-bin/greygraph.cgi  /usr/share/greygraph/
  3. mv var/www/css/greygraph.css /usr/share/greygraph/
  4. mv usr/sbin/greygraph /usr/sbin
  5. mkdir -p /var/lib/greygraph

As for the SysV script, I've adapted mailgrah's. Download the script greygraph (remove .txt extension).

In the meantime, I'll try to add the generated RRDs to cacti [1, 2], let me know if you managed to do so.

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