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This is an important feature that’s missing in KnowledgeTree, and must certainly agree with me if you work with different knowledgetree installations. This is particularly useful if you have different systems, like one for prototyping and validation and the live one. This plugin will allow you to export your Workflows in a number of formats. So far, these are supported: Graphviz data, Graphfiz image, JSON and Simple XML. As soon as there is particular interest in BPMN, I’m willing to support it as well, but it hasn’t been needed, yet.

Here are some screenshots. These are the new Administration pages available (same section from KTEmailPush Plugin):
New Administration pages

… from where you can Export…
Workflow Export Page

…and Import. This page highlights a collision detection situation, where the user is presented with the imported workflow process, and which how the plugin should handle the collision: merge, create another workflow (renamed) and do nothing.
Workflow Import Page

Special care will be taken in the future, as it’s yet very simple, focusing only States and Transitions. This is a list of issues I will address:

  • Assigned and related permissions
  • Assigned and related users,groups and roles
  • Workflow Effects

It’s ready for 3.7.x and it will soon be available for download. Visit the Projects page for more information or drop me a note for demo/download information.

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