Quick update on KTEmailPush KnowledgeTree Plugin

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Over the last weeks the KnowledgeTree Email Gateway Plugin received some attention:

  • It’s now fully configurable through the administration pages, without the need to edit at config.inc.php;
  • It was also adapted to ease the process of customizing the logic behind destination folder determination — it’s now possible to merge a bit of code that will determine where to put each incoming attachment, based on its parameters (subject, sender, etc.)
  • Fully customized mail notifications using Smarty templates, which minimizes the risk of accidentally mixing up the code.

These are, of course, the most proeminent changes. These changes triggered, however, some feature requests to Knowledge Tree team. Their actually simple fixes which I don’t know why never got in, since everything is in place already:

  • KTS-4678 — To allow custom fields on configuration mechanism;
  • KTS-4679 — To allow configuration settings registration without the need to run SQL;
  • KTS-4680 — To allow custom templating to override the original KT’s.

Here are some screenshots. Here is the new administration section…

… the new Task Fetch Mail in the the Task Scheduler (where you can enable/disable, control frequency, etc)….

… and the configuration options, as you used to have in the config.php file:

Do mail me if you want to see a demo.

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