KnowledgeTree Folder Special Plugin released

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We are proud to announce the release fo the Folder Special Plugin v1.0. This plugins extends the Folder objects providing Description and descriptive Image support for each folder. It can also be a starting point for extending current Folder class implementation, thus allowing you to extend folders with any specific information.

This is a feature that not only answers to KTS-798 feature request but also allows folders to be extended on any number of fields and, better yet, there’s no code patching. It’s fully plug&play.

It will add special folder actions and permissions, so you can replace your “old” addFolder and rename_folder permissions for these new two to completely “hide” the old mechanism.

This plugins also supports an extra field (folder intro) to receive introductory texts for each folder, so when you’re browsing that folder, you can see it before (or after) the folder/document listing — however, due to KT limitation, you’ll have to apply a simple patch to the core templating engine.

Here is a screenshot (no folder intro):

(Folder images from Wikimedia commons; click image to view full size)
Also note the link to the KT Email Gateway Plugin in the ‘pending’ folder description.


  • Get the release file from KT Forge FolderSpecialPlugin File Releases and unpack it inside the ‘plugins’ folder in your KT installation;
  • Go to “administration » miscellaneous » plugins” and re-read plugins. Activate Folder Special Plugin;
  • Go to a folder and edit permissions. Check the two new ones, save, and return to the folder view;
  • You can now see there new actions for that folder: add special folder and change folder details.

The rest should be self-explanatory.


  • I think the deployment on large systems might become complex because of existing permissions. It currently misses a way of mimic’ing all the current addFolder/rename_folder permissions to these new ones; since they are compatible, I think that’s the way to go. The plugin is already prepared for it.

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2 Responses to “KnowledgeTree Folder Special Plugin released”

  1. Sounds great. But how can I make it upgrade safe?

  2. Hi J.Beam. The plugin is almost fully upgrade-safe, except for the SQL changes to the main table, which are still there due to lack of time to change it. I think that’s the only non-upgrade-safe part in the code, do you think there is more?

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