Berlin Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010 a.k.a. [well actually...] VulcanoCon and Porto Wikipedia Academy 2010

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Berlin, Germany - Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010

These have been busy days! At the same time the first Portuguese Wikipedia Academy was running I was supposed to be in Berlin to the 2010 Wikimedia Chapters Meeting. I actually got there, indeed, but we were in the air when the massive ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier/vulcano spread above Central Europe, and we got stuck as soon as we landed in Frankfurt. But I won’t regret catching a 10h train to Berlin, arriving in the morning, except for missing the whole morning at the Meeting. The fellow mates around the world are just awesome people, and doing a great job, and they have just shown how excellent fellows they are to work with.

Here is the wrapup photo we took in the end (after 20min trying to position ourselfs according to the Mapa Mundi and.. well.. having given up :)):


Picking a train to Portugal was very risky as the French saw an excellent opportunity to put up a strike (I was told some frieds took 3 days from Netherlands to Portugal, so I’m glad we considered the odds)! While stranded, along with a lot of (mainly) intercontinental fellows, we spent the days getting to know Berlin and the famous Bratwurst. I won’t definitelly forget the trio I had near Charlottenburg, yummm.. :P

Wikimedia Deutchland has proven to be an excellent hoster for such an event. Everything we handled smoothly, Don and Anjia were also great facilitators, being careful enough to document in detail each session.

A special remark to the strange title of this post, I think no one will forget the good laughs we gave around some expressions… like VulcanoCon… hrm hrm :)

Hugs to everyone I met, I hope you arrived safely (AFAIK, you *did* arrived…). Hope to see you all next year, or maybe at Wikimania.

Porto, Portugal - Wikipedia Academy

As we already confirmed in person in the last WMP General Assembly (GA), the First Wikipedia Academy was definitely a success. The media push was spectacular and, of course, it had to give some results. We got an increase of associates right there on the GA, with more people willing to help on the tasks. I thank all the participants all the input, it was really great, and I would also like to thank the opportunity of exposing everything we learned at the Chapters Conferece (above). We also discussed the plan for the upcoming year, now, more than ever, targetting specific goals from the list of ideas we have been summing up - I’ll be participating in a specific GLAM project (more on this later), I’ll be the IT lead, I’ll try to help Gil on a joint Communication project targetting Transportation companies, and I’ll be trying to push forward a possible UMIC partnership (more on this later).

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