Acer Aspire One D250

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I did it. I went to FNAC and bought it. I really did it :)

I just got this new Acer Aspire One (D250).

I’ve installed UNetbootin on my Fedora and downloaded an Ubuntu 9.10 image. After deploying the image to a 2GB USB stick, and booting the netbook, it just went on booting without any trouble at all. That’s what I like in Ubuntu, and that’s what I need for this laptop. After booting, just went through the installer and, after a couple of questions, all was ready: Wi-fi, Ethernet, Microphone, Webcam, everything worked out-of-the-box. Even the Wifi led is working, against all odds :)

I went through a shared installation to keep things simple. I still have to investigate this further, but awesome as well is the fact the Ubuntu installer respected both Android and Windows 7. Both are still bootable, the first being booted without option (I think it’s my fault when I was asked how I’d like it to boot), then GRUB, and from there I can go wherever: Ubuntu or Windows 7.

Windows 7, as usual, didn’t seem prepared to partition adjustments. After first boot it started a filecheck (still the good’old CHKDSK, just imagine :)… after rebooting again, it was ready to stay. Luck for it that handled it afterall, as its days of existence here are probably limited.

So, this page is needing an update. Pending testing is now the card reader and the webcam. After that, I should update the page.

In the meantime, between reboots, I just found my newest addiction (on the phone, so far) online as well: Tower Bloxx :)

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