Update on mysql-query-browser “affected rows”

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Yesterday I tried massaging mysql-gui-tools a bit to see if I could make affected rows show up on modification DMLs, sucha as INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE. Here is a briefing about it, along with all the patches I used, some taken from the current Fedora 10 source RPM, along a rude one by myself to show affected rows.


Fixing the problem on the root will take a bit more time. This kind of protocol information, such as affected_rows is lost because the guys at MySQL considered that DML changing data never return usefull results - but actually they do: the response protocol packet comes with logs of info, like if you used an index, if you are in a transaction, etc. It could have been due to the protocol changed over time and the Query Browser didn’t catchup.

This translates to a lot of fixes: adapting the methods discarding results only when variable result is NULL for not doing that, and find a way to leave affected_rows set somewhere.

So, for the moment, here is a list of patches I used, the bold are my own. The RPM will have to wait, since I wanted to release mysql-gui-tools-5.0r14 (which are the versions you should apply these patches against) instead of the r12 currently available. In the meantime, if I find more patches to submit, may be I have a real look at it. Here are the patches:

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