Talend and SugarCRM

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I’ll skip Talend’s proper introduction, as I’ll do for SugarCRM; both are well established references in large corporate environments.

First of all, Talend Open Studio (TOS) looks already the tool with which you can do almost anything, sharing some minor (mostly cosmetic) bugs with Eclipse, though. I was introduced to Talend with an example from Brian Kilgore about Migrating data into Sugar with file attachments using Talend without reading any documentation at all and would like to share some thoughts with you.

If you tried to follow that example, let me explain what I discovered while trying it with TOS 3.0.2:

  • Brian seems to have used the Java project - indeed, that was an old TOS version (2.4) and probably didn’t support the Perl part. Since I have this usual luck, I went for the Perl. The Perl designer is not in sync with Java’s and is slightly different. Later on I restarted the project in Java and made it work.
  • At point 8, there is a mention to a Row->Lookup feature. Couldn’t find it either in Java or Perl. But I could do a lookup by right-clicking the tFileProperties and dragging the Row->Main.
  • In point 22, if you started a Perl project, you won’t find a Rename feature. What it seemed to be an option to copy the file with a new name (using the output field you bound in #17) just didn’t work.

Having the whole scenario set up, both in Java and Perl, I still couldn’t make it work. I had the files in place, checked the CSV file a thousand times, and only one or two eventually were being copied. I also added a tLogRow to catch all rejected records (the output ignored in Fig. 1 below) - refer to Talend Tutorials on how to use them. It seemed that FileList does not iterate as it was supposed (anymore?), as to provide a pool of files to be Inner Joined with the CSV dataset. The Job’s Trace results seemed to be consistent: only the last file appearing on the tFileList traced rowset was being copied.

I concluded that using the FileList was only being used for passing the full path to each record’s related file, so tFileCopy could copy it directly.

The solution I found is pretty simple: just transform the attachment filename to a static concatenation, as seen in Fig. 1 and drop the whole tFileList stuff. You can then use file_copy.src_file_name on tFileCopy instead of the CURRENT_FILEPATH property you’d use if using the tFileList.

TOS 3.0.2 SugarCRM example fix

Have a nice 2009 :)

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  1. Thanks for the info but I’d really like to find a way using the SOAP layer of Sugar which is perfectly able to handle note and file upload …
    Today it’s easy to do that using PHP or whatever language but whith Taled I have no clue, and I’m checking out what can be used.

  2. Nice article. Thanks for sharing great experience. Keep posting.

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